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Please take a look at our procedures and protocol. Extremely important.

Arrival procedures for all:

1. Upon arrival, participants will be met by our check-in staff before entering. 

2. A temperature check will be mandatory for all who enter the school.

3. Washing/Sanitizing hands is required before entering the studio space. 

4. Participants will go directly to their designated studio room. No hanging out in lounge. 

5. We have a limit of 5 students per studio and have spaced out blocks for each student. 

6. For camps, we have a limit of 8 total campers, 4 per studio. Campers will be able to go outside to our gated large field just next to us. Outdoor time is from 11am-12pm M-F.  

6. Alternating studios: One studio/class per hour. 

7. Students must bring a water bottle. Water station is closed.

8. Mask required


General procedures:

1. Maintain 6 feet distance from others at all times.

2. Limit face touching.

3. Avoid physical contact with others

4. Sanitize/Wash hands frequently

5. Be considerate of others and Sneeze, cough into sleeve. 


Anyone experiencing any of the following may not attend any in person session and will need to cancel. 

1. A new (<14 days) cough or flu-like symptoms

2. Diagnosed with, or exposed to (COVID-19)

3. A fever greater than 100.0 degrees F

4. Congestion or runny nose

5. Cough

6. Sore throat

7. Fatigue

8. Headache

9. Loss of smell or taste

10. Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

9. Body aches, chills,  muscle pain

10. Stomach/intestinal issues


If you have been diagnosed or exposed to COVID-19, we require written permission from your doctor before you can participate in our in person activities.

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