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School vs School


  • Paying scale: Participants must register individually and registration fee is $1-$1,000) this allows all to compete regardless of financial situation. 

  • Fees are used to finance online competitions and so we hope people will do a minimum suggested of $5. 

  • Parents must register competitors, a coach cannot register a student unless they have written permission from the parent allowing them to participate. A signed letter from the legal guardian/parent must be signed giving permission to the competitor and the coach to register. 

  • All schools should have their own liability waivers and liability insurance.



Rules & Regulations 

- Minimum of 3, Maximum of 5 (per team)

- All participants register individually and we will match them up and work with the team coach to confirm. 

  • All must practice social distancing during competitions. 

  • No routines allowed 

  • Mask are recommended following CDC guidelines

  • All studios should take precautions to eliminate cross contamination 

  • No touching 

-  No foul language or foul gestures



- 5 Rounds per team regardless of 3-5 members 

  • International schools can participate 

  • All teams must be part of a school. 

  • School T shirts are permitted to show school spirit 

  • Your schools logo should be in the background to promote and also show team spirit. 


As a reminder, we understand that certain parts of the world are in a different phase and Covid-19 is impacting all of us, please do not REGISTER FOR THIS EVENT if you cannot meet the requirements above. ALL SCHOOLS MUST FOLLOW THEIR CITY, STATE, MANDATED GUIDELINES TO PREVENT THE SPREAD OF COVID-19

Prizes: Supporting schools during Covid-19 


We know times are tough and we want to do our part to contribute and help support schools. This is why, the winning team prize will be $250. This event is about bringing all schools together, please support.  

This is round 1 of more to come and let's see how it goes, please  EMAIL with questions.

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