Enrollment for our NEW Location will open shortly. Please check back in the next couple of weeks for our inaugural 2022 Winter Session.

New Location: 512 Maple Ave W, Vienna, Virginia 22180


Following current DC Covid 19 Guidelines, we are offering online group classes, outdoor group Classe and solo open studio.

School Rules & Covid 19:

Students must wear clean dance shoes. No boots, sandals or snow boots permitted.

  1. Students and parents must wear a face mask.

  2. A temperature check will be mandatory upon arrival.

  3. Maintain 6ft distance from others at all times.

  4. Avoid physical contact with others.

  5. Sanitize hands frequently.

  6. Parents and students who are sick in any way, please do not enter the Lab or attend lessons.

  7. Legal guardian/parent must sign in students or self each time they arrive. Anyone under the age of 18 must have their legal guardian/parent sign in.

  8. We do have wifi and a lounge for all of our guests to sit back and enjoy! - The Lounge limit is 4 only and must follow Covid Guidelines while in school. We will ask parents to step out if once we reach that limit. Please arrive early or share the space with other parents. 

  9. Bathrooms are located outside of the studios. A parent or legal guardian must take their children to the bathroom when needed. Lab staff is not responsible for taking children to bathroom. Please Wash hands and sanitize before re- entering dance studio. 

  10. Dance studios will have a designated space for each student. 10 minute rule, if you are more than 10 mins late to class, you will not be able to attend.

  11. No foul language permitted inside of the school.

  12. No smoking near our building. School Zone